September 25, 2022

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Bass Angler on your List

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful when looking for a gift for the bass angler on your list. Think about it, there is no bass angler that wouldn’t love to add a new rod, reel, lure, or line to their collection- regardless of how many they already have! Just in case you still aren’t sure, I have compiled a list of 10 gifts for the bass angler that will be sure to make someone happy!


  1. Simms Challenger Jacket and Bibs
  2. There is no compromise for having quality rain gear while fishing, and the Simms Challenger Jacket and Bibs are exactly that. Even if not raining, bass fishermen wear their rain gear on cold and windy days as well. Anglers have no idea what they are missing until they fish wearing quality rain gear on a foul weather day.


  3. Strike King Rage Tail Craw
  4. The Strike King Rage Tail Craw plastics have taken the bass world by storm. The thumping action of the rage tail works on a variety of baits. These baits are by no means a new release, but I guarantee you will find some of these in most bass boats around the country. Put them on a swim jig, chatterbait, or Texas rig it on its own. These baits make a great gift.


  5. Megabass Vision Oneten
  6. The Megabass Vision Oneten is flat out the best jerkbait on the market. Expensive, but worth every penny. These are a must for early spring and late fall cold water. Get one of these for the bass fisherman on your list, and they will know you did your homework!


  7. FishUSA Hoodie
  8. These FishUSA Hoodies are quality and cool. Anglers love to support their favorite products and tackle shops by wearing their gear. The performance hoodies are constructed of quality materials, and have stylish designs.


  9. Shimano Curado DC Low-profile Casting Reel
  10. Shimano has packed an unbelievable amount of technology into this mid-priced reel. This reel incorporates a microcomputer that constantly monitors the spool speed and applies just the right amount of tension. They packed this incredible technology into a Curado, which is a proven series of reels that have been around for decades.


  11. River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper
  12. The River 2 Sea Whopper Ploppers are the hottest topwater baits to hit the market in years. It seems like a cross between a buzzbait and a walking topwater bait. The 90 and 110 sizes are the most popular for bass. These hot lures will catch just about anything that will eat a surface plug. The larger sizes are even popular for musky and pike.


  13. Denali AttaX Casting Rod
  14. I have experimented with the Denali AttaX Casting Rod some this summer. I was quite impressed with the action and workmanship on a rod for under $120. I used the 7’ medium action on smallmouth and was quite impressed. It was sensitive, and would cast a tube a mile. I recommend the 7’ medium heavy and 7’ heavy action for heavier baits and flipping applications.


  15. Sunline Super Sniper FC Line
  16. What angler wouldn’t love a spool of line or two as a stocking stuffer? I have been using Sunline Super Sniper FC Line for over ten years, and believe it is one of the best fluorocarbon lines on the market. Two hundred yard spools are available at Fish USA from 3 to 20 pound test. Not sure what pound line to buy? Two hundred yard spools in 10, 12, 14, 16, or 20 pound test would hit the mark.


  17. Onyx A/M Automatic/Manual Life Vest
  18. Unfortunately, as meticulous as many anglers are about their tackle, planning trips, and boats safety gear sometimes takes a back seat. Life jackets often become worn and sun faded due to constantly being out in the elements. A gift of a new Onyx A/M Automatic/Manual Life Vest will bring smiles from the angler, and piece of mind knowing this gift will help protect the life of someone you care about.


  19. FishUSA Gift Card
  20. Still aren’t sure what to buy? You absolutely can’t go wrong with a FishUSA gift card! Remember those who fish, LOVE FISHING GEAR! Remember, if you have any specific questions you can always call the pro shop and speak to a knowledgeable product specialist, or send us an email! Happy Holidays!

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