September 25, 2022

13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rods


Hi, I’m Chip Lear with 13 FIshing and this is ICAST 2015 for FishUSA. And you know what? Ice fisherman, you can get really excited, starting right now in the heat of the summer! What’s coming? Some of the coolest ice rods ever designed from 13 Fishing.

These are the Widow Makers. You’ve never seen anything like it. What these are, are 30-ton graphite rods. What does that mean? Super sensitive. In a complete design from very light-tipped, so you can use the smallest of ice flies, to heavier rods with bigger actions for slightly larger lures.

The cool part about these is all the premium aspects that are going into the components of this rod here. These are double diamond line guides, never used before in the world of ice fishing. You are going to get a choice of handles in this system. Tennessee handle, if you’re old school like I am. If you like to put your reels on here and tape them on, you can do that with the Tennessee-style handle. Or we have the custom reel seats, just like this. You put your reel in and tie it in, with that, ergonomically happy.

The coolest part about these rods is these are probably the most advanced, mass produced rods ever in the world of ice fishing, due to the fact of the quality of components inside here. So, if you’re the type of angler that has always purchased a custom rod from a custom rod shop, you can now get a mass-produced one for a better price from 13 Fishing. They are available at FishUSA.

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