July 6, 2022

4 Can’t Miss Kayak Fishing Accessories

Every year, more and more accessories are being brought to market to make our kayak fishing experiences more effective and enjoyable. The following is a list of products sold by FishUSA that I use regularly and would strongly recommend to you for your kayak fishing pursuits.

YakGear Angler Crate or YakGear Angler Crate Kit
The YakGear Angler Crate is a must-have organizational tool for any fishing kayak. These crates are great for storing up to three large gearboxes (like the Flambeau FishUSA 5007 Divided Tuff Tainer) and two fishing rods. If you go with the YakGear Angler Crate Kit, you can expect a crate that houses a double rod holder, an accessory pouch, anchor kit and cleat, and two YakGear utility leashes. You cannot go wrong with the Angler Crate or Angler Crate Kit as they both can provide the space you need to store your gear, keep your gear from becoming tangled and disorganized, and they offer easy access to your poles and gearboxes while fishing.

YakAttack Leverage Landing Net
Based on my experience, FishUSA has one of the best nets available on the market for kayak fisherman with this item. The Leverage Net says it all in its name. It gives you significant leverage in netting fish due to the solid forearm grip it sports. The netting is rubber-coated, which is important for causing less damage to fish you plan to release, and it is more durable than traditional rope netting that can become frayed from fish teeth and hooks. Something else that I really like about using the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net when kayak fishing is that it has the capacity to hold large fish. While northern pike in excess of 36” is the maximum size fish I have landed thus far with this net, I would feel comfortable with landing fish up to about 40” without injuring them.

YakGear Fish Grip
Even if you purchase the YakGear Leverage Landing Net from FishUSA, I would still recommend that you also purchase a YakGear Fish Grip. These fish grips are a great way to handle toothy fish like northern pike, musky, walleye, or even bowfin. The easy grip handle allows you to grip the fish without slicing your fingers, they do minimal harm to the fish’s mouth, and they float if a large fish thrashes after you release it and knocks the grip from your hand.

Scotty Baitcasting/Spinning Rod Holder Track Combo and YakAttack with Mighty Mount Deck Adapter Kit (Combo and Kit sold separately)
Mighty MountThese rod holders stocked by FishUSA are great for fishing kayaks as they allow you to effectively troll, set your pole down for bobber and drift fishing, or they can give you an extra spot to store your rod and reel while paddling to the next area you plan to fish. The Mighty Mount Adapter Kit is easy to install with the Scotty Rod Holder and provides great versatility with rod placement when sliding on a fishing kayak track. Another great thing about the Adapter Kit and Scotty Rod Holder system is that they allow you to use your favorite bait-or spincaster as they both fit this setup very well.

These are just a few of the many great products offered by FishUSA that I rely on for some of my kayak fishing success. Check out the kayak fishing section on the FishUSA website for many other top-quality products available in the industry today.

Mark Maule

Blackduck, MN Mark is an avid multi-species kayak angler from northern Minnesota. He spends around 120 days per year pursuing northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappies, blugills, walleyes, and muskies in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015304038694

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