September 25, 2022

6 Kayak Fishing Accessories That Make Perfect Gifts

Bubba Blade Fishing Pliers

There are a lot of fishing pliers on the market, definitely some that come in below the cost of these. However, for me, I believe in spend once, cry once. The no slip grip handles that stay in your hand even when wet combined with the carbide cutters make these the most comfortable and durable pliers on the market. I keep the sheath connected to my seat and a tether to the pliers themselves, that’s just where they live, always ready to go. Whether it’s cutting line, digging a chatter bait out of the bottom of a bass’s mouth or getting a treble hook out of my pant leg (again), these pliers are essential for every angler from the bank to the boat.

Plano Edge Boxes

Most anglers already have a system in place for tackle storage, so spending money again on something we may already have won’t always be our top priority. The new Plano Edge line is truly a step into the future of tackle storage. For me, specifically, the 3700 jigs and bladed jigs box is a welcome addition to my Black Pack. Seeing how I’m never on the water without a dozen Jackhammers, this box is the first real lure specific box that checks all my boxes. The one handed latching system combined with the dry lock seal and the water wicking capabilities make this line a must-have under the tree this year.

YakAttack Cup holder

The YakAttack Cup Holder may seem silly to have as a favorite accessory. However, I have found uses for this thing for so much more than a cold drink. I keep several on the kayak for baits that bass aren’t hitting or for extra soft plastics that are getting hammered. I have a few in my truck that seem to be great as a catchall (gum, mags, pocket knife, pens, phone, etc.). I have even installed them on the bed of my rig to help keep me organized as I’m setting up and breaking down at the launch. I don’t believe you can have too many and at less than $20, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the angler who already has everything.

Scott Beutjer is here to make Christmas shopping easy for the kayak angler in your life!

Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack

I have three small toddlers and as my wife likes to say, “it’s cheaper than a co-pay.” Meaning these bait sacks have kept hooks out of hands, feet and even foreheads (don’t ask). For a few extra dollars, not only am I protecting my baits, I am also protecting anyone who may accidentally get hooked as well as the leather seats in my truck. It is the perfect way to keep the hooks from getting the rods tangled together or tangled with other gear.

YakAttack Cam Straps

Most kayakers thrive off of using whatever they have laying around but sometimes it is nice to use the finer things in life, especially when it is a gift. The YakAttack Cam Straps have proven to me over the past year to have less stretch, better UV resistance and hold less water than most straps on the market. Along with that, the custom rubber buckle has made tossing the strap from one side of the truck to the other a lot less scary. This is the perfect upgrade for 90% of kayak anglers.

As always, I welcome you to use promo code TackleYourDreams at checkout to save a few extra bucks!

and finally…

Torqeedo 403a

Why? Because everyone wants it!!!

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