Best Places to Fish for Crappie: Weiss Lake, Alabama

March 20, 2017

Weiss Lake Crappie

Weiss Lake was created in 1961 with construction of Weiss Dam to produce hydroelectric power, provide flood control and offer recreational opportunities. In addition to the dam, the lake also contains the Weiss Lake Powerhouse, which produces additional hydroelectric power.

The lake is known for its robust fishery and excellent crappie population. Often referred to as “The Crappie Capital of the World,” the lake holds large numbers of sizeable fish. However, Weiss Lake is not limited to crappie alone. Largemouth bass, striped bass, hybrid striped bass and catfish are among the numerous other species anglers can regularly target. This diversity attracts numerous fishing tournaments to the lake, from the local to professional level.

Weiss Lake Crappie Haul

When navigating Weiss Lake always use great caution. There are numerous submerged structures, hazards and stump fields that not only provide outstanding cover for fish, but can cause a great deal of damage to your boat. Whenever possible, stay within the main river channel, use your electronics to track depth and keep a watchful eye. During winter pool, many coves and flats may be inaccessible and previously deep hazards may be exposed or just below the lake surface.

Here are some tips for locating and catching crappie on Weiss Lake:

  • Spring crappie are found along shallow flats and holding tight to submerged wood. These pre-spawn and spawning fish are most abundant in Cowan Creek, Big Nose Creek and along the backside of Godfrey's Island. Work these fish with Rooster Tails and Beetle Spins presented tight to wood.

  • Floating live bait, especially minnows, crickets and red worms under a slip bobber in 2 to 5 feet is productive. Small tubes in purple or blue should also be used.

  • From early summer through winter, crappie will be found throughout the lake. Use your electronics to locate submerged ledges, stump fields and schools of suspended fish in depths of 8 to 15 feet. Once located, work hair jigs in green, blue or purple. Small tubes, minnows and nightcrawlers rigged under a slip bobber are also effective.

  • Yellow Creek contains numerous piers and private brush piles that attract crappie throughout the year. Use your electronics to locate submerged Christmas trees, brush piles and tire reefs and fish them for crappie. Use small minnows or hair jigs in blue or purple. At night, use a light to attract baitfish and feeding crappie to your boat.

  • From Pruetts Island, south to the mouth of Three Mile Creek, there are numerous submerged stumps, drop-offs and structure that hold crappie all year. Use your electronics to locate old roadbeds, foundations and drop-offs. Green, blue or purple hair jigs and small tubes are effective for crappie suspending above submerged structure.

For a detailed lake map and real-time fishing reports follow the Weiss Lake waterway page on Fishidy.