Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Stockingfoot Chest Waders

February 17, 2017


Hi, I’m Bart Bonime, here at The Fly Fishing Show 2017 in Somerset, NJ. We are going to talk about the Zip-Front Rio Gallegos Waders. This is our high-end wader. It features our heaviest fabric, which is an 8.8 ounce, four layer waterproof breathable. All of our waders feature a single-seam up the back of the leg. We have removed the seam from the interior of the leg, which is the highest wear zone. These waders also feature upper hand warming pockets and two convenient stash pockets.

All of our waders feature a drop-down system, allowing you to wear the product as a pant. This is really nice for temperature regulation on a hot day. The other thing these waders feature is a full submersible front zipper. On the inside, there is a waterproof pouch for your cell phone and two large drop-in pockets, one on each side. These pockets are great for carrying an additional fly box, your lunch, a camera, a cold beer, what you need to store.

Lastly, we use a 4-mm, high density neoprene in the booties that will keep them from compressing, which is how most booties fail. We also line the booties with a 100% polyester grid which is going to add much needed warmth in the colder months.