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Fishing Rod Repair TipsFishing Rod Repair TipsAccidents happen. Be ready for the unexpected with these fishing rod repair tips...Read MoreA Beginner's Guide to Fly TyingA Beginner's Guide to Fly TyingThough fly tying can seem very overwhelming at first, it can be made easier by following these tips...Read MoreThe Best Ways to Catch BassThe Best Ways to Catch BassEveryone enjoys catching bass in different ways. Anglers become better at some techniques than others. I am no different. These are my top 10 ways...Read MoreSwivels, Snaps and More to Save Time on the WaterSwivels, Snaps and More to Save Time on the WaterCaptain Ross explains how he saves time on the water with swivels, snaps and... electrical tape? Tune in!Watch NowProtecting Your ReelsProtecting Your ReelsA simple, cheap, and extremely easy tip on how to protect your reels, rods, and boat.Watch NowKayak Preseason ChecklistKayak Preseason ChecklistWith the coming of Spring each year, kayak anglers need to prepare themselves for the upcoming open water season...Read MoreFishing with Beads for Trout, Steelhead and SalmonFishing with Beads for Trout, Steelhead and SalmonOne of my early mentors in the wide world of fishing once told me...Read MorePreparation Meets Opportunity: Fish Caught From HomePreparation Meets Opportunity: Fish Caught From HomeLuck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.Read More10 Tips for Better Fish Pictures10 Tips for Better Fish PicturesYou can brag more when your pictures are great. Here are 10 tips from FishUSA Ambassador Roger Hinchcliff for taking better catch photos.Read MoreBottom Fishing for Winter TroutBottom Fishing for Winter TroutA continuation of “Back To The Future For Great Lakes Tributary Fishing,” here are some specific tactics for bottom fishing for winter trout.Read More10 Tips for Beginner Ice Anglers10 Tips for Beginner Ice AnglersTry these ideas and your learning curve will be shorter. Who knows – soon you might be coaching others in the great winter sport of ice fishing.Read MoreFishing the Rapala Slab RapFishing the Rapala Slab RapFishUSA Ambassador, Captain Tim Hyvonen, describes his method for fishing the Rapala Slab Rap through...Watch Now


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