October 6, 2022

A 3-Tier Popper Attack

When popper fishing in August through October every year, I like utilizing a 3 prong approach for largemouth bass and northern pike. The 3 patterns of Yo-Zuri America, Inc. 3DB Poppers that I keep in my gear storage whenever there are calm waters (5 mph or less) are Bone, Prism Frog, and Prism Gold Black.

3-Tier Popper Attack


The Yo-Zuri America, Inc. Bone 3DB Popper is a great bait to throw early in the morning as the sun is just coming up over the eastern horizon line. At this time of day, largemouth bass and northern pike are just starting to get ready to feed and will readily attack prey from underneath. The Bone pattern allows this popper to be relatively obscure against the brightening sky, but because of the larger profile lure that the 3DB offers, fish can still see the movement and strike the bait effectively. Additionally, the Bone 3DB Popper can emulate a dying or wounded minnow at the surface, which is a great trigger for largemouth bass and northern pike in the fall as they are fattening up for the leaner winter months ahead. Generally speaking, fishing the Bone pattern 3DB Popper slowly with five to ten second pauses in the morning is likely to generate more strikes than a faster retrieve.

3-Tier Popper Attack

Prism Frog

The Yo-Zuri America, Inc. Prism Frog 3DB Popper is a great mid-morning to late afternoon lure to use because this is the time when frogs are out and about on a given body of water. Largemouth bass and northern pike will be keying on the frogs throughout the water. When they see a potentially wounded prey item at the surface like a realistic patterned Prism Frog 3DB Popper, they can attack with a vengeance. The Prism Frog 3DB Popper works especially well during mid-day hours on clear bodies of water where there is a light variable wind present to push bait. The key to fishing the Prism Frog is a varied cadence where some casts are going to be moving more quickly, while others may use five to ten second pauses between twitches. As the morning progresses to afternoon, the pause periods should be lessened and retrieves should be sped up to present the bait to a wider area to increase effectiveness of the bait.

3-Tier Popper Attack

Prism Gold Black

To wrap up your day, consider casting a Yo-Zuri America, Inc. Prism Gold Black 3DB Popper. This popper pattern can be especially solid for about an hour before sunset until just after sunset as fall progresses. It works great on clear or tannic bodies of water as its dark appearance allows for fish to see it from long distances away and better against the darkening night sky. On clearer bodies of water specifically, the Prism Gold Black 3DB Popper can look like a wounded bluegill or golden shiner at the surface due to its golden colored underbelly. Once again, wounded or injured prey at or near the water’s surface is often times a dinner bell ringing that big largemouth bass and northern pike simply cannot refuse. As in the morning with the Bone pattern, the Prism Gold Black 3DB Popper just before sundown should be worked slowly. The longer the pauses are between twitches of the rod tip, the easier it may be for predator fish to zero in on your bait.

So, the next time you are considering putting in a full day on the water, stock up with the Bone, Prism Frog, and Prism Gold Black 3DB Yo-Zuri America, Inc. Poppers from FishUSA as they can help you catch fish successively all day long!

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