July 6, 2022

A Fishing Kit for all Seasons

Every once in awhile, you swerve into something while fishing that is just too good not to share with fellow anglers. A fishing kit I’ve developed is just such a thing!

VMC Neon Moon Jig and Berkley Trout Worm Combo

I have a penchant, while fishing, to always try some new lure or technique – especially if the bite is slow. A couple years ago, while ice fishing on Lake Simcoe, I was patiently working through an intermittent perch bite. Scrounging through my tackle box, I chose a VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig and a white Berkley Trout Worm, a combination I had never tried before.

Threading the worm on the jig head I dropped it in the hole to watch the action as I jigged it. It sure looked fishy to me. The free portion of the worm has a whiplash action upon jigging and I’ve always been a big believer in dominant eyes on artificial bait. The holographic eyes on Moon Eye Jigs can’t be beat.

Well, the perch agreed with my offering and I proceeded to catch many jumbo perch that day. Since then it is in my top three or four bait rotations for ice fishing.

Moving into the open water season, I don’t put my ice fishing jigs away. I fish the Moon Eye Jig/Trout Worm combo in most of the colors that are available under a slip bobber. Perch, crappie and bluegill have succumbed to this set-up. If the action was slow or I was missing on the hook set, I tried tipping the hook with Berkley Gulp! Maggots. That seemed to give fish a target, increasing my hookups dramatically.

As the weather warms in late spring and early summer, I’ll choose the size of jig head that makes sense for the water I’m fishing. If I’m casting in deep water I’ll allow the jig to settle to the bottom and twitch it back creating that deadly whiplash action. If one color doesn’t draw action I can quickly change to another. When I’m fishing over submerged weeds, I use a Thill Slip Float or Wobble Bobber set to suspend the bait just over the tops of the weeds.

Smallmouth on jig and worm combo

I’ve also noticed I tend to catch larger fish on this jig and worm combo.

The variety of colors in both the Trout Worms and Moon Eye Jigs allow for much creativity and experimentation. I have caught perch, bluegill, crappie, large and smallmouth bass, white bass and catfish with these baits.

There are over 20 colors of Moon Eye Jigs in weights from 1/32-ounce to 3/8-ounce. The 1/32 and 1/16-ounce jigs match up best with the Trout Worms. My best color jigs are those with white, chartreuse or orange in them. The “Glow” colors are deadly in murky water or low light conditions. My favorite colors in the Trout Worm are White and Chartreuse Shad.

You can build a kit that will catch fish year-round without breaking the bank. With the price of hard baits these days, that is icing on the cake. The cherry on top is all the fish you will catch!

Mark Maule

Blackduck, MN Mark is an avid multi-species kayak angler from northern Minnesota. He spends around 120 days per year pursuing northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappies, blugills, walleyes, and muskies in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015304038694

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