October 7, 2022

Angling Motivations

Have you ever thought to yourself, what motivates me to spend countless hours on a stream, lake or river? Is it the time spent with friends and family? Is it the aesthetics? Is it the surprise of a float disappearing under the water? There is always a motivation that drives anglers to have a passion for fishing, and more often than not, there are multiple motivations.

The first motivation that comes to mind is time spent with others. Some of our best angling excursions are spent with friends and family. We sometimes take for granted the valuable time we spend with others on each angling experience.

As anglers, we all have the honor to view nature’s beauty. Is it the sunrise that makes us wake up at 4:00am to head out on the lake or stream? Is it the sight of trout taking bugs off the surface of the water? Is it the multiple species of wildlife that we see throughout our day? We are blessed as anglers to have a hobby or job that allows us to be in the great outdoors at all times.

The chase of a certain species of fish plays a role in what motivates us as anglers. Many anglers feel great satisfaction after enticing a walleye to bite a lure, or a steelhead to inhale a jig.

Each and every one of us can remember the first fish that we got to bring home and put on the table. Many folks practice catch and release, but there is nothing more satisfying than bringing home a cooler full of perch or walleye to feed the family.

Sometimes as anglers, we make judgments about others because of the way they dress or because they have a few fish on the stringer. Keep in mind that we all have different motivations – and more often than not, multiple motivations – that drive us as anglers. The next time you venture out on your angling experience; think to yourself, what motivates me, as an angler, to have such a passion for this sport?

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