October 6, 2022

Bagley Rumble B


Hello. My name is Pat Nue. I am a professional walleye angler. I have been fishing professionally for about 20 years. I managed to win a couple tournaments over the years: a professional walleye trail on Green Bay, then a FLW Walleye Tour event on Green Bay. I did it trolling.

Trolling for walleyes is an extremely effective method and recently I was out on Lake Erie during the national walleye tour event trolling the new Bagley Rumble B.

It is a bait that was designed by Jarmo Rapala and produced by Bagley who are known for high quality balsa baits, but this is a plastic bait. One of the reasons I feel that this bait is so effective is that it mimics the action you get with balsa. Balsa is very buoyant and we use very thin walls on this Rumble B which gives us tremendous buoyancy. That buoyancy gives you action, and action gives you fish.

I highly recommend you go out looking at this bait for a new action the fish haven’t seen before in both a size 9, 11, and probably the 13s in the near future. Check it out at FishUSA. You won’t be disappointed.

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