August 10, 2022

Bert’s Custom Tackle Boat Accessories


Hey Ross Robertson here with Bert’s Custom Tackle and for years I have used the rod holders, the electronics, mounts, trolling motors, stabilizers; all those things, but sometimes it is the simple little things that we overlook.

Something as simple as a Bert’s tool holder. You put screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, anything to keep from stepping on them and busting them through your nice, fancy seats. Then there’s the Bert’s cup holder. I will be honest I do not use it for holding cups very often, but things like releases, my snap weights, my extra blades, it keeps them from getting rusted and laying all over the floor and stepped on.

Sometimes the simple little things like the Bert’s accessories really will complement your boat and have a lot of function as well as style.

Ross Robertson

Port Clinton, OH Captain Ross Robertson is part of the FishUSA Pro Staff and the owner of Big Water Guide Services out of Lake Erie. Facebook: Instagram:

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