October 6, 2022

Bert’s Custom Tackle Swivel Rod Holder Trees


Hey guys, Ross Robertson here for FishUSA and we’re in the Bert’s Custom Tackle booth at ICAST 2015.

You might ask, “What is this big old beanpole looking deal?” This is a Bert’s Custom Tackle Swivel Rod Holder Tree. We’re in a smaller boat here and it’s nice that it swivels because if I have this extended out here and we pull up to the ramp, you can imagine I’d smash into docks and also just working on the boat getting the rods out of the way is helpful.

The tree system is really nice because, as you can see, you can spread your rods out quite a bit and the big deal here, and why i like these so much and use them literally every day is you can keep your line angle up. So if you’re in really rough water, or even really flat water, you can get those boards out farther, without having your line touch the water. As soon as your line touches the water, it’s going to cause those planer boards to pitch and roll and that’s a bad deal, no matter what you fish for.

It’s also nice for boats that have a small footprint. You can put a little 6 inch piece of track and you can actually get yourself four rod holders in a very small footprint. So, if you have a boat with limited mounting options, something like the Bert’s Swivel Tree will probably work really well for you.

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