September 25, 2022

Bert’s Custom Tackle Track System


Hey Ross Robertson here with FishUSA. We’re at ICAST 2016 and Bert’s has a boat loaded up ,as usual, with all kinds of accessories; rod holders. You name it; electronics, phones, they do it.

The one thing I like to talk about is the actual Bert’s Track System, which they started many years ago. You have these tracks mounted on your boat, but they offer a lot of options.

We’ve got rod trees, we’ve got cradles and in the recent years they’ve even made it where we can adjust these so we don’t have to take the caps off and we just simply rotate these right in and right out and their rod holders are fully adjustable.

Just about every Bert’s product has a lot of options to it so you’re not stuck with one option. You can cover just about any scenario whether you’re walleye fishing one day or salmon fishing the next, these products will do it.

And then we go back to the old classic: the rod tubes. These things will fit right in, they’re interchangeable. Look at the track system next time you outfit your boat or updating a new boat. Whatever it is, Bert’s has got you covered.

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