July 6, 2022

Catch More Springtime Crappies

Along with robins and daffodils, nothing says spring is here like a crappie slowly pulling your bobber under the surface! The first balmy days after ice-out will beckon anglers from their winter slumber. Ponds, shallow coves and bays in larger bodies of water warm first and draw crappies like magnets. Many of these hot spots can be reached casting from shore. A pair of hip or chest waders will extend your reach, and a small boat, kayak or canoe can put you right on top of the action. The reward is a lot of fun and a great meal of fresh-caught crappies.

Here are some products to consider as you prepare for spring crappie fishing:

Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon line can make the difference on fussy or pressured crappies. Fluorocarbon line is virtually invisible to fish. You can either load the whole spool or tie a 3 to 5-foot leader to your braided or monofilament line with a blood knot or small swivel. FishUSA stocks most popular brands including Seaguar, P-Line, Berkley, Maxima and Yo-Zuri.

Slip Floats

Whoever invented slip floats deserves to be a millionaire. Unlike the early generation bobbers, slip floats make adjusting for depth easy and enable the fisherman to fish depths deeper than the length of his rod. None are better than the Thill Pro Series Slip Float which is available in 5 sizes in weighted or unweighted.The Thill Wobble Bobber is a good variation to have with your tackle. Its aerodynamic shape allows for long distance casting and it is very responsive to choppy or rippled water creating a constant jigging action to your bait.If you want to cover a lot of water and cast as far as possible, even into the wind, try a Rocket Bobber. Its shape allows for accurate long distance casting and is sensitive to the lightest bites. The Rocket Bobber can be used to either lock on the line with its “J” hook, or reverse its position to use as a slip bobber.


There is an endless variety of small soft plastic baits that will catch crappies. There are curly tails, paddle tails or split tails in almost any size, color or color combination imaginable. Combine with either painted or unpainted jig heads and you’re ready to go. Usually, the smaller the bait, the better it is for catching crappies. Shades of white, chartreuse and pink are good starting colors to build your arsenal.The Bobby Garland Baby Shad, a very popular bait, is 2-inches long and available in 34 colors. Its near cousin, the Bobby Garland Itty Bit Swim’R is perfect when finesse fishing is demanded with its 1-1/4-inch length and a tiny paddle at the end of the tail to enhance its action. The Itty Bit Swim’R is available in 20 colors.I have probably caught more crappies on the time-tested and original Mister Twister Curly Tail Grubs. It is arguably the easiest bait to catch crappies. You can’t fish it wrong. Whether it sits under a bobber stirred only by a slight chop on the surface of the water, or a slow steady retrieve, the back-and-forth wiggle of the tail is irresistible to fish. The 1-inch size in plain white combined with a 1/32 oz. jig head is perfect for crappies.

Crappies are beautiful fish, fun to catch and delicious table fare. FishUSA is your crappie headquarters, stocking everything you’ll need for productive spring crappie fishing.

John Scherrer

Erie, PA John is a freelance writer and a life-long Erie resident who has fished across North America. Fly fishing, light spinning tackle, and ice fishing are his preferred methods to fish his home waters of Lake Erie.

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