October 6, 2022

Choosing an Inline Planer Board

Whether you’re trolling a big or small body of water, there is an inline planer board for every situation. From fishing small trout lures to copper wire and deep diving stickbaits, inline boards are an excellent tool to try this year. Here are some of the top inline planer boards on the market and the techniques that work best with each:

Yellow Bird Inline Planer Boards
Yellow Bird Inline Planer Boards offer great value and price. The smallest model is excellent for running small lures for trout and panfish at slow speeds, as well as shallow running stickbaits for walleye in small lakes. The medium and large sizes are great choices for running weights with lures for walleye and other large gamefish. The true value in the two larger sizes is the tattle flag system included in the price.

Church Tackle Walleye Board Planer Boards
The Church Tackle Walleye Board Planer Board is a great choice for a large variety of walleye and trout trolling applications. This board rides well on a choppy lake and can handle hard pulling stickbaits with a fair amount of weight added. These boards also feature a weight on the keel that is adjustable to make them ride smooth in flat to choppy conditions. Church Tackle Walleye Board Planer Boards are also easily removed from your line.

Off Shore Tackle In-Line Side Planer Board
Off Shore Tackle’s In-Line Side Planer Boards are the most popular inline planer board on the market today. These boards have proven they can withstand extended use in choppy waters and perform well on the calmest days. They ride well in rough seas and can be used with deep diving lures and even up to five colors of leadcore.

Church Tackle TX-22 Special Planer Boards
Church Tackle TX-22 Special Planer Boards are the most diverse planer boards on the market. They ride well in rough water and can handle deep diving lures and weights. Unlike many of the other comparable planer boards, this one is reversible and can be run on the port or starboard side. Regardless of whether or not you decide to use the TX-22 as your primary board, keep in mind that it makes an excellent backup if a board breaks or goes missing.

Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Boards
Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Boards are the ultimate big water inline planer board. It is made to be used with anything, whether you want to run stickbaits, dispsy divers or leadcore, it’s all possible. These boards pull hard and have heavy clips that work well with both monofilament and braided lines. They also include a stationary flag for added visibility. If you are looking for a big water planer board for a small spread of rods this is the board for you.

Church Tackle Stern Planers
There are no other planer boards on the market quite like the Church Tackle Stern Planers, and regardless if you run inline planers or not, these should be included in your gear. This board allows you to fish flat lines behind the boat and will help you indicate where your line is at all times. They work well in calm and rough water, and also allow you to put flat lines further back while still having a short length of line from the lure to the planer.

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