September 25, 2022

Finding the Right (and Left) Ice Fishing Gloves

Whether you’re on hard water daily or you enjoy the occasional weekend ice fishing trip, we all understand the importance of wearing gloves. One of the most important parts of selecting gloves isn’t the gloves at all, but having extras for when a pair, inevitably, gets wet. Here are some of my tips on what to look for when selecting your next pair of ice fishing gloves:


While it is okay to have some backup gloves that are not waterproof, making sure you have two pairs of waterproof gloves is a must for ice fishing. Gloves such as Striker Elements’ Second Skin Gloves are an excellent choice for using tip ups and fishing outside. For travel or setting up the ice hut, a thermal pair such as IceArmor’s Edge Gloves is more adequate.


Many anglers choose not to wear gloves because they’re too bulky or are just not easy to fish with. Selecting a convertible pair gives you the option to go fingerless, making it much easier to fish. Being able to fold the mitts over your fingers for a few minutes to get them warm is also an added bonus.


When looking for a warm pair of gloves for transportation or to set up, selecting a pair that is wool or fleece lined will usually do the trick. Great options for warm gloves are HT Enterprises’ Polar Eskimo Mittens and IceArmor’s Casual Fleece Gloves.

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