September 25, 2022

Fishing Gifts for Your Favorite Female Angler

The temps are dropping and if you haven’t already started, you are probably at least thinking about taking an inventory of your ice fishing equipment gear and apparel and are prepping for another successful and safe season out on the ice.

With the holidays fast approaching this is a great time to shop not only for yourself, but for the female angler in your life. Whether it is your wife, girlfriend or daughter FishUSA has a variety of awesome female friendly products that make great gifts for the growing network and population of female anglers who love getting their fish on out on the ice. Being a female angler myself, I can attest that having the right gear and equipment is essential to having a successful and comfortable day on the ice. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite products for the women in your life available at FishUSA.


  1. Striker Ice Women’s Prism Jacket and Bibs
  2. Nothing can ruin a good day of fishing faster than getting cold and wet. The Striker Ice Women’s Prism Jacket and Bibs is one of the best Outerwear suits for ice fishing on the market. The Prism suit lets me have the added warmth without the un-needed bulk that a lot of other suits have. The Sureflote flotation designed in this jacket and bibs provides me with extra confidence when I go out on the ice. I can’t say enough good things about my Striker Suit. In addition to their lineup of jackets, thermal wear and bibs Striker has a full line of great looking hats and gloves. The Striker Climate Crossover Mitt’s are one of my favorites!


  3. Pflueger Lady President Spinning Reel
  4. Pflueger Lady President spinning reels make great stocking stuffers for the female angler in your life. The size 25’s long stem lets me fish without having to worry about gloves getting in the way. The lady Presidents also have an awesome smooth drag system even in extreme cold temperatures.


  5. K-Drill Ice Auger
  6. The K-Drill is one of the most innovative products we’ve seen in the ice world in some time. They are light weight and can be used in conjunction with a drill making them extremely effective for women and younger anglers who don’t want to carry or haul around a large gas auger. Not only is the Kdrill light and quiet, but the chipper blades allow you to open up old holes!


  7. Engel Live Bait Cooler
  8. Engel Live Bait Coolers are awesome gift ideas. Not only do they keep live bait cool in the summertime, but they transport live bait easily in the winter and keep it from freezing. Not to mention they keep drinks and sandwiches from freezing as well!


  9. Lacko Minnow Pour Scoop
  10. I like to include a Lakco minnow pour scoop in each of my Engel coolers. The Lakco pour scoop differs from other minnow nets and scoops in that the handle is hollow. Simply tip it backward and your minnow slides down the scoop and easily into your hand. No more fumbling around with cold fingers trying to grab squirmy bait.


  11. Bait’s Up Live Bait Container
  12. On the live bait theme, Bait Up’s Live bait containers are awesome miniature bait storage devices that can easily be carried or transported without taking up much space. I like to keep one at each of my snare rod set ups to always have live bait easily on hand without having to run back to basecamp to put on a fresh shiner or minnow.


  13. Moonshine Shiver Minnow
  14. I love big walleyes and I love baits and tackle that catch them. One of my favorites is the Moonshine Shiver Minnow. It darts from side to side enticing bites and has one of the best glow finishes on the market. Naturally I like anything with pink in it and so do big walleyes and crappies so the Atomic Trout and Crab Cake patterns are a few of my all time favorites. Moonshine’s line up has a variety of sizes to match the hatch. The quarter ounce model 0’s make great crappie baits and the 3/8 and ½ ounce size 1 & 2 are my go to walleye sizes.

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