October 5, 2022

Five Things That Happen When You Go Fishing With Your Dad

Whether you fish with your dad weekly or just on special occasions, one thing is certain – this is some of the most valuable time you get to spend with him. Regardless of your skill level or how many other interests you share, fishing is a great bonding experience. When you look back at fishing trips with your dad, you’ll have memories that last forever. Here are some things that are bound to happen when you go fishing with your dad:

Father and sons fishing

You win. When it comes to competing with your Pops, you might lose at everything – except fishing. Whether he lets you win or not, the teacher becomes the student sooner or later. It always becomes a competition between the two of you. Perhaps your go-to competition is getting the first, last, most or biggest fish.

Life lesson number 48,736. It may not be his goal, and you may not know it then, but every trip out with Dad will end with a new life lesson. Whether it’s about the bait he hit on the day before or a stern “suggestion” to stop wearing your hat backwards, Dad will always steer you in the right direction during a day on the water.

The stars align. Maybe the two of you don’t always agree in life, but fishing can be a much needed “reboot” for your relationship – fishing makes everything better! Once you begin fishing it’s all about the fish and enjoying the outdoors. Taking a day out on the water helps clear the air and get or keep things going on the right track.

You become the providers. It doesn’t matter if you flip burgers for a living or work as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, fishing enables you to be a provider for those who depend on you. When a father and son come together to accomplish this, not only do they put food on the table for their family, but the metaphorical torch is passed from one generation to the next as a provider for the family.

Tradition continues. There is nothing more iconic than a father and son fishing. When you fish together, you carry on a traditional and timeless bond between fathers and sons.

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