October 7, 2022

Fishing’s Best Kept Secret: The Float Tube

Investing in a float tube will bring you years of fishing enjoyment you didn’t think possible! For those without space for a canoe, kayak, or boat, this is the perfect solution to create more and better fishing opportunities. Consider the following benefits.

You will access waters or areas of waters previously out of reach. The stealthy nature of float tube fishing can increase your catch. Float tube fishing has never been safer. Easy to transport and easy to store, the return on your dollar in fishing pleasure is exponential! Allow me to back up these claims.

Channel Cat FishUSA Float Tube

Some float tubes have a 4-chamber bladderless construction. That means should you somehow puncture one of the chambers, you still have three good ones keeping you afloat enabling you to comfortably make it to shore. Common sense will keep you out of areas with heavy boat traffic, but it is wise on some waters to wear a brightly colored T-shirt and hat like bicyclists wear. I haven’t heard of anyone crossing one of the Great Lakes in a float tube (although I have thought about it), The best use of float tubes is just offshore – out of range of shore fishermen casting and beyond areas you might reach in chest waders. Seldom have I wandered more than one or two hundred yards from shore. It’s reassuring to know I’m just minutes from shore. If you still have doubts about safety you can always wear a flotation device.

Transport and Storage
Deflated, a float tube can fit in the trunk of a compact car. A two-way manual air pump will have you ready to launch in no time. Obviously, you don’t need a trailer, roof rack or tie downs to move from point A to point B. Backpack straps enable you to take as long a hike as necessary to reach the water’s edge. Off-season storage takes up little space in your home, apartment or garage.

Smallmouth Bass FishUSA Float Tube

Fishing from a float tube is the ultimate in sneaky fishing. There is no motor or hard surface to make noise and spook fish. Self-propulsion makes no wake to disturb fish. Sitting low in the water creates a low profile and casts little shadow. Your newfound ability to get up close and personal with structure and weedbed edges enables you to make short accurate casts.

It’s just FUN!
Just wait until you experience a smallmouth bass jump higher than your head, or get towed by a channel cat or steelhead! It’s fascinating to sit on top of a school of panfish in clear water coaxing them to bite your lure. Then there is always the shock of watching a musky or pike swim right next to you oblivious to your presence. All this excitement is made possible in the secret fishing world of the float tube fisherman.

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