September 25, 2022

Float Fishing Gear and Accessories: Everything Else

Along with baits such as skein, egg sacs, artificial worms, minnows, jigs, grubs and flies, there are a few accessories that will make angling more enjoyable. A thermometer to find water comfortable for the species you are targeting is invaluable. A hook hone to keep the hooks sharp as well as forceps to remove them. A line clipper is a much better and safer method than using teeth. A fishing vest or chest pack for keeping accessories handy for transport is a requirement. A good pair of warm waders, a wading jacket and gloves are great investments allowing the angler to fish long after others have been chilled to the bone and are heading home.

With the gear mentioned throughout this series and accessories added above, you will be set for seasons to come. Add the proper fishing license, a thermos of hot coffee and a camera to preserve the memory of the trophy fish, any angler will be prepared to do battle with some of the finest fish our flowing waters have to offer.

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