October 6, 2022

Float Fishing Gear and Accessories: Reels

After you have chosen a rod for float fishing, you will need to pick a suitable reel.

The object of the reel is to allow line to unwind easily from the spool when the float-shot-bait pulls in the current. As with the rods, there are many different models and price ranges for pin reels. The Okuma Aventa or Raven Matrix are popular for beginners and have helped many anglers break into the world of centerpinning.

High-end reels like the Islander Steelheader IS Centerpin Float Reels are very serious, well-machined reels that have become prized possessions for many who own them. These reels have more extensive porting as well as better machining, allowing for a lighter weight, as well as a nicer finish. Most reels free spool both in and out, making fighting a large fish a challenge, which is a big part of pin fishing.

Reel color is a matter of personal preference, but many anglers choose a reel with a dark finish, particularly if fishing smaller waters. While bright, flashy reels do look nice, the reflection of the sun can produce fish-spooking glare.

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