October 5, 2022

Fly Storage for Everyone

Staying organized is one of the key factors when going out and having a successful fly fishing trip. With so many options for storing flies, it can be confusing and a hassle when trying to choose the right one for your specific situation. Here are some great storage options to consider when organizing your fly collection.

FishUSA New Phase Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Box
This box is going to be the box that most people use for their fly storage. This style of box has been around for awhile and almost everyone has used one. This box is waterproof, so when you drop it in the stream or creek your flies aren’t going to get drenched. Another reason the FishUSA New Phase Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Box is popular is that it utilizes both sides. If you want to keep your streamers on one side and nymphs and dries on the other, you can. This is a very versatile fly box that can get the job done at a reasonable price.

FishUSA New Phase Magnum Fly Box
This box is more specialized. It’s able to handle bigger flies without squishing them together. If you are into the bigger bass bugs or articulated brown trout flies, this box is perfect for you. The FishUSA New Phase Magnum Fly Box is waterproof and double sided to maximize the capacity of storage. It can also be used as a small boat box or weekend box for traveling. It comes in two sizes – magnum and super magnum.

Tacky Fly Boxes
Tacky Fly Boxes have been around for awhile. The silicon technology in the boxes makes storing flies a breeze. The Original Tacky Box makes for a great day box for the trout fisherman who wants to hold anything from a couple streamers to some dries and nymphs. Tacky also makes a Big Bug Box, which is perfect for huge dry flies like salmon flies and hoppers without harming their wings. Tacky also offers a few other boxes that are meant for smaller dries and a Day Box for the lite packer in all of us.

Umpqua Boat Box
This isn’t your grandfather’s fly box. The Umpqua Boat Box is meant for the serious boat angler who wants his whole array of flies at his fingertips. This box has the ability to fit more flies in it than one should ever carry with them. It’s a briefcase-style box with foam slots, making it a great musky or pike fly box, able to store 14-inch articulated monster flies.

Next time you’re looking at storage for your flies, check out these boxes. Figure out which box fits your needs the most – are you a minimalist fly fisherman or a boat guy that needs everything at your fingertips? You just might be surprised with how much storage you actually need.

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