October 5, 2022

Get Hooked on Thomas

For over 60 years, Thomas Lures has been producing quality lures for trout, pike, Walleye, salmon, and bass. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Thomas Lures owner, Peter Ridd, for the past three years. Once you have a conversation with Peter, you’ll quickly understand why Thomas Lures is so successful.

It’s well known that Pennsylvania has some of the best trout fishing in the country. Thomas Lures is a staple product for all trout anglers, and thousands of Thomas lures will be cast into your local stream or lake on opening day. Not only is Thomas a recognized brand locally, but they are highly recognized outside of the Northeast region as well. It’s well known that California and Colorado are huge trout states. FishUSA sells a significant amount of Thomas Buoyant Spoons in California, while the Thomas Colorado Spoons are a key product in Colorado (I think the name is very fitting for the region).

Whether you’re a novice or expert Trout angler, you should have Thomas Lures in your box. This product is made in Hawley, Pennsylvania, and all products are available for purchase at FishUSA.

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