October 5, 2022

Gift Like a Pro: Captain Pete Alex’s Holiday Gift Guide

Captain Pete Alex, FishUSA Pro Staff member, is here to give you some ideas for the angler(s) on your holiday gift-giving list. Check out his selections below and why he uses all of these products.

  1. FishUSA Digital Camo Performance Hoodie
    These hoodies are comfy, cool and every angler should have one for the colder seasons.
  2. Daiwa D-Vec Boat Bag
    I call these bags the perfect Man Purse. I have been using one for years to carry all of my stuff to and from my boat or friends’ boats. Perfect size to hold my camera, cell phone, snacks, water bottles, sunglasses case, hat, lightweight rain gear, sandals and more.
  3. Rapala Fillet Glove
    These are a great gift for anyone who cleans fish. They protect your hands and fingers while filleting fish. They allow you to grip fish 10X better than bare hands. A gift that can always be used – unless the recipient does not keep his catch.
  4. Shimano Brutas Pliers
    Good pliers go a long way on any fishing trip. They come in handy for a variety of uses, including hook removal, line cutting, cable cutting – the more the merrier on a boat. We keep at least two pairs handy at all times on my boat. Plus, you never know when someone will drop one into the water.
  5. Stealthcore Lead Core
    If you’re looking for a gift for a Lake Erie walleye troller, then you can’t go wrong purchasing some 18# Stealth Core. If they fish a lot or are prone to tangles, then you better get a 1,000-yard bulk spool. If you’re looking for a gift for a Great Lakes salmon and trout troller, then getting them some 27# Stealth Core will be perfect.
  6. FishUSA Gift Card
    If you’re not sure what to purchase, but know they would appreciate any help in upgrading their fishing arsenal, you can’t beat a FishUSA gift card.
  7. Shimano Spinning Reels
    A quality Shimano spinning reel always makes a welcomed gift. Not sure what size or model? Call FishUSA’s customer service team, 800.922.1219, and let them help you pick the right one.
  8. Dreamweaver Custom Color Deeper Divers
    Want to help your friend catch more fish on the Great Lakes? Outfit them with a #4 white crush glow diver for the morning. For the evening bite – my most productive diver 24/7 – the #4 silver crush glow diver. And don’t buy just one!
  9. Plano 3700 StowAway ProLatch Adjustable Compartment Box
    We all could use more of these, whether we use them for boat storage or home tackle storage. These multi-use boxes come in handy and the best part is buying more tackle to put in them.
  10. Striker Ice Boots
    A must have multi-use boot! Hands, feet and head are the first to get cold and protecting your feet goes a long way in making an outing comfortable and successful.
  11. Costa Sunglasses
    Another must-have item to protect your precious eyes and help you see your targets. I have worn the Costa brand for almost 20 years now and won’t leave home without them.
  12. Costa Eyewear Retainers
    An economical way to make sure your glasses stay on you at all times. This is the best way to ensure you don’t drop your investment or forget them.
  13. Shimano Pur Rain Jacket and Bibs
    If you’re looking for a quality and fashionable set of rain gear at a reasonable price, then don’t pass this one up. Fishing is more enjoyable when you stay warm and dry. Don’t ruin your day because of inferior rain gear.
  14. FishUSA T-Shirts and Other Apparel
    Want to support a great company and promote your country all at once? Don’t miss out on the variety of men’s and women’s FishUSA apparel. (We even have something for the mini-anglers on your list!)
  15. Silver Horde Dodgers and Worden’s Spin-N-Glo
    Improve Lake Trout fishing with these 8” dodgers in your spread. Some of the best color combinations are Chartreuse, Chrome/Silver Spectra, Chartreuse/Green, White/Crushed Pearl Glow, Frog, Green Dolphin and Two Face. Add in Worden’s Spin-N-Glows behind them in size 6 and 4 in any of these color combos: Clown, Chartreuse/Black, Chartreuse, Double Trouble UV Chartreuse and Double Trouble UV Green.
  16. Dreamweaver Spoons for King Salmon
    These are a few of my must-have spoons in Mag, Regular and Slims when I chase king salmon. My favorite colors are Black UV, Martell, Green UV, Two Face, Dave’s Salmon Slapper, Get Er Dun, Glow Frogs, Green Gator, NBK, Purple Frog, Moon Cricket and VQ Green Alewive.
  17. King Salmon Meat Rigs
    I fish 2 different manufacturer’s meat rigs and these are my go-to rigs of choice. Diabolical Meat Rigs in Illusion, Dirty Cop and Diabolical, or Dreamweaver Meat Rigs in Chrome Two Face, White Moo Moo, UV Green Gasoline and Kryptonite.
  18. A-TOM-MIK Trolling Flies
    These are a few must-have flies when chasing king salmon: Blue Glow Hammer, Big Fin Glow, Crinkle Green, Crinkle Mirage, Hammer Fly, Pro/Am Fly, Sweet Pea and Ultra Glow Green.
  19. Trolling Bags
    I use trolling bags on two of my boats and have found the Amish Outfitters bags the best quality and price. You can’t go wrong with this small, but important investment.
  20. Shark Cannonballs
    I was a lead ball guy for years until I discovered the power of the Shark Downrigger Weights. They also track well with minimal blowback. I’ve used both Chrome and Black throughout the years and have found that the Chrome finish Sharks are a definite fish attractor in addition to the sound emitted from the unique facets. I fish Sharks because I believe in them.
  21. Fish Hawk Speed and Temperature Probes
    I consider this item as a “don’t leave home without it” product. A must-have for the serious deep water troller. I believe the information they provide is so important, I have a set of transducers on all 3 boats in case I ever damage one. You will never regret purchasing one.
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