October 5, 2022

Gift Like a Pro: Captain Ross Robertson’s Holiday Gift Guide

As an experienced ice and walleye angler, Captain Ross Robertson knows what an angler wants to see wrapped up this holiday season. Here, our Pro Staff member lists his top gift ideas and a little bit about why he uses each product.

  1. Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line
    Cold, nasty winter days often have me tying leaders or spinner rigs for the following season. I almost always use fluorocarbon and generally in the 16 to 20lb test range since Sunline is rated by the IFGA breaking strength and actually fairly small diameter for its breaking strength.
  2. Silver Streak Colorado Blades
    Few lures are as consistent and versatile as a crawler harness. In the winter, a quick inventory of what worked best and needs to be replaced is a must. Pay attention to the back color as much as the front – the fish see it just as much, if not more.
  3. Silver Streak Rattle Streak
    When ice fishing for walleye and perch, I almost always have at least one Rattle Streak rigged and ready. Several years of tweaking and a custom rattle make this a fish slayer for ice fishing, but it is actually productive all year.
  4. Church Tackle TX-22 Planer Board
    One of the easiest to read, and versatile, planer boards, the optional add-on double action flag kit takes bite detection to the next level.
  5. FishUSA-TELE-86M Trolling Rod
    An incredible value in a trolling rod without sacrificing quality. Designed for inline planer boards, it also works exceptionally well for flat line and drifting with dead stick applications.
  6. IceArmor Ascent Float Bib
    Being both mobile and comfortable helps you stay longer and catch more. While loaded with features, it’s the self-draining nature of the suit that provides buoyancy in case of breaking through the ice that makes it a must-have. This is also available in Youth sizes.
  7. Clam Ice Team Professional Series Ice Rods
    Designed for big walleyes or when larger lures are necessary. A high quality solid blank design with top-end components make for a custom caliber rod that is readily available
  8. Clam Deluxe Spoon Box
    A great way to keep your ice tackle not only protected, but also organized. The foam inserts keep lures from becoming tangled and paint coming off from hard ice travel. This style of box also works great as a storage option for open water spoons.
  9. Clam Deluxe Ice Rod Locker
    One of those items that you may not think you need until you use one. Once you do, you will wonder how you ever fished without it. Available in single or double compartments, each is separated with a flap to allow for more rods to be stored without tangling. External pockets are great for small tackle boxes or accessories. This is where I safely store my ice rods in the offseason as well.
  10. Bert’s Custom Tackle Swivel Rod Holder Trees
    The single best way to have a small footprint, but manage multiple rods easily. The Tree is exceptional when fishing in very rough or very calm waters at spreading out lines and drastically reducing tangles.
  11. Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Dual-Ball Mount
    There’s not much worse than trying to find the proper size ball for your trailer or having to keep track of multiple hitches for different drop heights as you switch equipment. It can be very hard to find a reasonably priced all-in-one hitch that has as much versatility as the Draw Tite dual mount.
  12. Sunline Super Natural Monofilament Line
    Easily the best monofilament line I have used, at a very reasonable price, especially when the bulk spool is purchased. Make sure to look at the diameter as Sunline is sold under the IGFA rating and you can get a remarkably small diameter line for the strength.
  13. Clam Ice Auger Combo
    Instead of carrying a large gas auger, this kit allows you to use a cordless drill as the engine to efficiently turn up to 8” auger bits. Not having extra weight to lug around or worry if an engine is going to start makes this a must-have.
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