October 5, 2022

Inline Planer Board

Definition of inine planer board

Small planer boards directly attached to the mainline of a trolling rod. Inine planer boards are designed to create space between multiple lines being trolled. They attach to the mainline on one end, with a clip on the other end. The clip will release the line when a fish strikes, breaking the tension to allow the angler to fight just the weight of the terminal tackle and fish. Inine planer boards allow a large spread of lines for boats that cannot accomodate full-size planer boards.

Variations of the term inine planer board

• Small boards
• Inlines
• Planers
• Side planers

How to use inine planer board in a sentence

We use inine planer boards with glow sticks for the spring night-bite for walleyes.

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