September 25, 2022

Lake Erie Fishing Report: July 2017

Walleye fishing in Erie, PA has been exceptional for the 2017 season. The lake is thriving with life. The walleye population is up and tons of throwback walleye under 15 inches are being caught every day which is a good sign. Our future walleye fishery looks to be promising for years to come.

The month of July was incredible for walleye fishing. Limits of walleye were being caught every day and in record time. With all the small walleye swimming in our waters, it hasn’t been unusual to have to catch over 100 walleye before boating your limit. Lots of reeling, setting and resetting rods.

Onboard the Rough House, we used several different tactics targeting walleye. In the early part of July, we used mostly monofilament line with stick baits. Lures like Storm Thundersticks in Chartreuse Purple Shad, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout produced many walleye for us. Reef Runner 800’s in Green Flash did well also.

We also used Tru-Trip 40 and TripZ 40 divers tipped with shallow Storm Jr Thundersticks and Renoskys as well as Michigan Stinger Scorpion Spoons and Silver Horde Silver Knight Spoons. Both tactics worked well. As the fish moved deeper into the water column, we switched to Stealthcore lead core. Deep Jr Thundersticks on five-color produced very well for us. Purples and greens are good colors to start with.

Downriggers have been on fire for us. Dreamweaver SS Spoons in Blue Dolphin, Green Dolphin and Mixed Veggies have been good. Silver Horde Silver Knights in UV Wonderbread and Super Pearl UV Lucky Charm have caught fish also. Renoskys tight to the ball in blues and greens have been excellent.

Dipsys on braid and wire have also been working really well. We have mostly been using shallow stickbaits like Renoskys and Jr Thundersticks behind our dipsys. The new Hulk and Froggy Glow Dreamweaver Deeper Divers have been our best dipsy colors.

July was fantastic for walleye fishing here on Lake Erie and we’re already off to a good start for August.

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