October 7, 2022

Live bait

Definition of live bait

Baitfish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, crustaceans, worms and other invertebrates collected and stored to be used as bait for catching fish. Live bait can be used by itself but can be very effective when used with lures and bait rigs such as Sabiki rigs, crawler harnesses, and soft baits tipped with grubs. Check local regulations for the harvest and use of live bait.

Variations of the term live bait

• worms
• minnows
• minnies
• leeches
• crickets
• grubs/maggots
• baitfish
• crayfish/crawfish
• shad
• suckers
• shiners
• spikes
• chubs
• mousies
• waxies
• meal worms
• crawlers

How to use live bait in a sentence

I bought an aerator to keep my live bait fresh in the minnow bucket.

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