October 5, 2022

Okuma Magda Pro DXT Line Counter Reels


Hey guys, this is John Bretza Director of Product Development for Okuma Fishing Tackle here at the 2015 ICAST show with FishUSA. What we have here is the new Magda Pro DXT series. What this is is an upgraded line counter from one of our best selling product lines of all time. We’ve had the Magda Pro in the program for close to 18 years and we’ve finally brought it out with a facelift. It has a totally new external body, new frame new side plates with a much more modern look, but we have retained the structural integrity of the inside of the reel. The gearing, the bearings and the drive system are all going to remain virtually the same with a couple minor upgrades to improve the overall reel.

First off, from the outside, what we’ve done is upgraded the handle with a heavy-duty power handle with our egg shaped Ergo grip. So, you’ll see on the small 15 and 20 size, we’ll have the small one. The 30 and 45 size have a medium grip. So, there’s four sizes: 15, 20, 30 and 45. All sizes feature two stainless steel ball bearings.

One of the biggest upgrades internally is going to be on the anti-reverse. When you go to turn this handle, a lot of reels will have a lot of back play when they are these price points. We are making a reel that, in the past, had six stop points. So, it would have six stops on the anti-reverse. We are upgrading the new Magda Pro to have a 16 point anti-reverse. That is a huge improvement over previous generations that was one of the best selling reels out there on the market.

One thing to note, on the 30 and 45 you’re going to have that large Ergo grip, on the 20 size you’re going to have a small Ergo grip and when you drop down to the 15 size, you’re going to have a twin-paddle handle. A lot of anglers like to use that for walleye fishing or, maybe, lighter salmon fishing, so we equipped it with a power handle.

We are offering these, also, in left-hand retrieve, so the right-hand you can get in all four models (15, 20, 30 and 45). When you go to the left-hand version, we have both the 20 and 30 size.

The last thing we have done to upgrade the Magda Pro DXT, very similar to what we have done in the cold water series, is that we have relocated the trip location for the line counter. So, when you want to reset it, it’s down, off to the side. The advantage there, compared to the previous model with the trip on the top, say you throw some rods in the back of a truck and you want to run down a dirt road to get to the lake, you could get dirt and debris in the line counter mechanism. With it down, off to the side, it’s in an area where you aren’t going to accidentally trip it, but it is also going to help prevent debris from getting in there.

One other thing, the with the counter mechanism, is that we have our screw access point port in the line counter. So, early morning, you get condensation and somehow you get water into the line counter, you can unscrew that screw port and allow air to get in there. If for some reason, you forget to put the screw port back in, or you lose it, it does not affect the functionality of the reel at all.

So, again, the Magda Pro DXT is the newest generation Okuma line counter and you can find out more about these new reels at FishUSA.

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