October 5, 2022

Okuma SST Carbon Grip Rods


Hey guys, this is John Bretza, Director of Product Development for Okuma Fishing Tackle. We are here with FishUSA at ICAST 2015 to present to you the new line of SST Carbon Grip Rods.

The SST is Okuma’s single bestselling rod line in our entire program. What we’ve done is we have enhanced it this season. We took the standard SST rods with cork grips and upgraded them with 3K woven carbon foregrips and rear grips. And some have an insert with a pipe reel seat with 3K woven carbon as well. The advantage here, when you’re trolling, sometimes if you have a foam grip, the rod can get wedged in a rod holder and you can’t pull it up on a hookup. Another advantage is durability. If you get fish oil on here, or fish slime, anything like that, it’s going to be much more durable and easy to clean off. It has a very user-friendly construction.

This is the most extensive line of carbon grip rods on the market, with over 30 SKUs within the SST range alone. Salmon, steelhead, trout and even some travel rods are covered, utilizing the carbon grip.

The SST blanks are the exact same blanks as the regular series, the big advantage is the carbon grip. Most of the rods are going to retail for under $89 and you can find out more information about the new SST Carbon Grip Rods at FishUSA.

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