September 25, 2022

Peak Erie Steelhead Run is Right Around the Corner

The cool air and precipitation spell trouble for some, but the start of something great for others. Here in Erie, PA we have been experiencing the cooler temperatures and some added rain, which has signaled the peak of the fall steelhead run is right around the corner. This means the number of fish in the tributaries will increase, but so will the number of anglers pursuing them. Preparing and planning ahead of your trip is essential to having an enjoyable experience.

If you are planning an Erie trip, there are a few resources you should use and be aware of to make the most of your trip. One of the first things you should do is visit There are stream maps, weather reports, stream water flow gauges (located at the bottom of the Weather and Waves page), and up-to-date fishing reports provided by other anglers. Also taking an active role in the FishUSA Forums will substantially increase your knowledge of fishing in the Erie area in general – not just steelhead fishing. The Forum members are always more than helpful when a fellow angler posts a question or wants their opinion.

Another critical step in your preparation is your gear. Make sure all the gear you plan to use on the trip is ready to go. Your rods, reels, line, terminal tackle, lures and baits, apparel and wading gear should be packed and set up the night before so that all you need to do is drive up and fish!

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