October 5, 2022

Perch Fishing Ruined by Twists and Tangles?

Perch fishing on the Great Lakes is beginning to heat up. Over the years I have tried every perch rig on the market, but was never satisfied with the results. Most rigs would not last long, or constantly tangled the snelled hooks. There is nothing worse than being over a school of hungry perch and wasting time re-rigging your rod because of twists and tangles!

Last year I began using the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Bait Rigs in the Multi-Colored Shrimp and the White Fish Skin. Both rigs worked flawlessly. The heavy monofilament construction is very durable, and twists and tangles were eliminated. The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Bait Rig hooks are extremely sharp and strong. The White Fish Skin and the Multi-Colored Shrimp both seem to be excellent at attracting fish, though I do suggest shortening the length between the bottom hook and the sinker. To do so, simply cut the swivel off and about 6-inches of the main line on the rig, then re-tie the swivel to the rig. This will make sure your bait will be near the bottom.

The Multi-Colored Shrimp rig comes with four hooks and the White Fish Skin comes with five hooks. I normally bait the bottom two hooks with minnows. However, it is not uncommon to catch fish on the un-baited hooks. If you fish in a state that has a restriction on the number of hooks allowed per rod, just cut the rigs to make them legal. I highly recommend these rigs for perch fishing on the Great Lakes, or your favorite inland waters.

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