October 7, 2022

Redington Predator Fly Rods


Hi, this is Jay from Redington, introducing the new Predator Rod. This is the third generation of the Predator Rod, one of the best selling rods in our company’s history. For this one, we have taken what we learn off of previous generations and incorporated it into the new rod family.

We have improved the in=hand balance of the rod and have made this rod easier to load, so it’s more comfortable to cast throughout the day. It still has the larger butt section that the Predator is known for, to allow for casting larger flies or turning larger fish.

We offer this rod from a five to a twelve weight, and in pike and musky specific rod models. With the pike and musky, it has an extended fighting butt so you can “figure eight” next to the boat. It also loads deeper to allow for better turnover of the flies.

If you’re out heading to the salt or casting big streamers for big browns, pick up the Predator, you’ll be surprised. It’s available at FishUSA.

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