September 25, 2022

Rigging a Slip Float for Ice Fishing

Items Needed

Bobber Stop
Slip Float
Fishing Line
Optional: Split Shot


  1. Slide the bobber stop up the main line, stopping where you want to determine your depth.
  2. Carefully remove the tubing from the bobber stop.
  3. Tighten the tag ends of the bobber stop to secure it to the main line.
  4. Clip the excess tag ends, leaving just enough to retighten the stop if it becomes loose.
  5. Push the main line through the bead and position the bead at the bobber stop.
  6. Slide the main line through the hole in your slip float and pull it down the line to meet up with the bead and bobber stop.
  7. Optional: Add a split shot in between your jig and float if you are fishing with a plain hook or want to add a little more weight to your presentation.

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