January 24, 2020

Shimano Casitas Casting Reels


Dave Mercer, host of Facts of Fishing and Bassmaster Elite Series Emcee, hanging out here at ICAST 2015. I want to say hello to my friends at FishUSA.

Here’s something really, really cool. We all know there are a lot more high school anglers, a lot more college anglers. Well, this reel is basically, specifically designed for them. I mean, you have a limited budget and you want to have eight or ten rods and reels. Well, this is the perfect reel. It has the same body style as an Antares, but this is the Casitas. It’s very light, it will allow you to fish a lot of different techniques and different approaches. So, if you are looking for that one-hit-wonder, where you can put it on five or six different rods and go out a compete in that next tournament, this is one bad boy you definitely want to check out. How do you check it out? Right here at FishUSA.

FishUSA Staff

FishUSA Staff

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