October 6, 2022

Choosing Between: Slip vs Spring Bobbers

There is a widespread debate on whether to use a slip bobber or spring bobber for ice fishing. While some anglers have their own opinion for what works best, there are several differences between the two options. Here are some tips to help you select the correct method for your next ice fishing adventure.

Deadstick. This is one of the most common techniques for ice fishing. Slip bobbers can work excellently for this technique. Watching a float while jigging with another rod is much easier than watching a spring bobber sitting a few feet away from you. Using a slip bobber will also allow you to control your depth much better and to keep a more precise placement every time.

Small jigs. When using small jigs, the spring bobber, typically, is more practical. The spring bobber will allow you to fish at various depths without adjusting your rig. There are also many different spring bobbers on the market, like Frabill’s Titanium Spring Bobbers, which are more sensitive for light jigs, and many others.

Spoon fishing. This technique truly depends on what you are fishing for. If you are targeting perch or other panfish within a foot of the bottom, then a slip bobber is a better option to keep your depth more controlled. If you are targeting suspended fish with a sonar or using heavier spoons for walleye or larger gamefish, a slip bobber allows you to change depths with more ease than a slip bobber.

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