October 7, 2022

Smithwick Top 20 Rogue


64 hours. That’s approximately the amount of time you have from when you clock out on Friday night till you got to clock back in on Monday morning. Your weekend and your time on the water are precious to you. The folks at the Smithwick Lure Company understand this. That’s why I’m so happy to present to you a new Rogue by Smithwick called the Top 20.

It has the same 5 ½ inch body as the famed Perfect 10. Same rattles, same sound chamber as the Perfect 10. 12 amazing colors. What makes the Top 20 so special is that it dives to 20 feet or deeper. So if you like trolling for deep suspended walleyes or lake trout, kings or stripers, you need a lure that works as hard as you do. I promise you the Top 20 is it. No gimmicks, no drama, no apologies.

I’m Matt Hougan with the Smithwick Lure Company. Go Rogue.

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