July 6, 2022

Spring Fly Fishing Accessories

    Frabill Deluxe Wood Catch And Release Landing Net

  1. Frabill Deluxe Wood Catch And Release Landing Net

    When choosing a net, the Frabill Catch and Release Net is perfect for even the most frugal troutbum. Its wooden handle gives it a sleek and classic look, while the rubber netting helps keep the fish and hooks from getting tangled. It’s a win-win for the fish and angler.

  2. CorQs Strike Indicators

  3. CorQs Strike Indicators

    If you need an easy-to-cast strike indicator that won’t spook fish, this one is great. It’s super buoyant, allowing it to handle heavy nymph rigs. The CorQs Strike Indicators’ two-tone coloring makes it highly visible to the angler, but not to the fish. The indicators are available in different sizes, so you can find the one that is perfect for your situation.

  4. Fishpond Cerveza Sidekick Pack

  5. Fishpond Cerveza Sidekick Pack

    The Fishpond Cerveza Sidekick Pack is the perfect pack for when you’re going out on a bare essentials kind of trip. This has just the right amount of room for what you need and nothing more, so “packing light” is a breeze. Added bonus – it has a beverage compartment!

  6. Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder

  7. Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder

    As fly anglers, we have all experienced that time (or times) when you can’t find your 3x tippet. Having a tippet holder like the Fishpond Headgate solves this problem. It keeps all your tippets organized and detaches from your pack or vest in seconds, making it extremely versatile and user-friendly.

  8. Keystone Fly Fishing: The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania's Best Waters

  9. Keystone Fly Fishing: The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania’s Best Waters

    For any new angler coming into the sport it’s always hard to find places to fish. Keystone Fly Fishing was written by anglers who live in Pennsylvania and have fished these waters most, if not all, of their lives. This book helps new anglers find water and gives others new spots they didn’t know existed.

  10. Boomerang Tool Snip Clippers

  11. Boomerang Tool Snip Clippers

    If you have ever lost an item by dropping it in the creek or river, you know it’s not a fun situation. Boomerang Tool Snip Clippers solve that problem with its retractable lanyard, which also helps keep it out of the way when not in use. The easy-to-squeeze shape makes line snipping a breeze, even when wet or in gloved hands.

  12. RIO Leader Wallet

  13. RIO Leader Wallet

    Having multiple sizes in leaders for different presentations is important, but keeping them organized so you don’t use the wrong size is also essential. The RIO Leader Wallet allows you to carry multiple leaders and have them labeled so you can pick the perfect one for your presentation.

  14. Redington Travel Rod Cases

  15. Redington Travel Rod Cases

    The car door slams, you hear a snap and look over at the first nine inches of your rod tip lying on the ground. This is every angler’s worst nightmare. With a travel rod case like Redington’s, you can rest easy knowing this won’t happen to you. Transporting rods will be much safer and easier when using a travel case.

  16. Fishpond Confluence Net Release

  17. Fishpond Confluence Net Release

    Carrying a net with you can be a pain while fishing and it can get tangled easily with your other fishing equipment. Fishpond has developed the Confluence Net Release to help anglers keep their nets where they can reach them, while also keeping them from floating down the river or getting tangled in a pack. It utilizes a magnet so you can easily detach it when necessary, making sure you never drag your net on the ground or send it floating down the creek.

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