October 5, 2022

Spring Trout Tactics

Spring is underway and water temperatures are becoming milder. Trout are getting more aggressive, so it’s an excellent time to hit the water. Here are some tactics to try when chasing trout this spring:

Tip a spoon. Typically, when fishing spoons for trout, anglers simply take them out of the package and use them “as is.” Sometimes this might be the best thing to do, but being creative by adding a little something extra to your bait can produce more fish. Adding a small piece of trout worm, like Berkley’s PowerBait Floating Trout Worm, to your spoon will allow for more wobble and scent. Trimming down on the spoon size may help with finicky trout when trying this tactic.

Salted minnow rigging. Salted minnows are one of the most effective dead baits for trout. Most anglers typically rig them under a float with a baitholder hook and let the current do the rest. There are, however, several more effective ways of rigging them. Hooking a minnow through the head with a Wapsi Fly Tying Jig Head will give it extra flash, as well as weigh it down. Using a minnow threader, like the Invisible Minnow Rig, will give your minnow great action when jigging or slowly retrieving it back.

Chum. Before doing this, please check your state guidelines and regulations. Chumming is one of the best ways to get an active school of fish. Throwing a handful of eggs or dead minnows will signal to the fish it is time to feed.

Add scent. Alongside chumming, utilizing added scent can make all the difference when fishing for trout. Many scents have natural fish oils to make your lures smell like the real thing. Pro-Cure Bait Oils and Pautzke Liquid Krill Fish Attractant are both very effective for trout.

Make your worm buoyant. Bouncing a worm off the bottom is widely considered a beginner-level method for trout fishing. While this may be true, there are ways to increase the skill level of this tactic. Using Berkley’s Worm Blower will make your worm buoyant and will give it more action. Adding a few split shots above the worm will keep it close to the bottom, in striking distance for trout.

Yo-Zuri-Pins-MinnowUse cranks. While this is becoming more and more popular, many anglers still have not tried using stickbaits for trout fishing. Many stickbaits imitate a baitfish perfectly and can be fished in both shallow and deep water. Rapala Original Floaters and Yo-Zuri Pin’s Minnows are two of the more popular options.

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