October 6, 2022

Tactics for Fishing the Lindy Tungsten Ice Worm Jig

The Lindy Tungsten Ice Worm Jig should be in every ice fisherman’s arsenal. Don’t let the name fool you. It doesn’t look or feel like a worm. It is a very effective horizontal jig that comes in a variety of bright colors and sizes. With its dense tungsten core, it sinks very fast. This extra weight drops the bait into the strike zone quicker than a lead jig. The Ice Worm keeps your line tighter enabling you to detect those light bites. The eyelet is in the center of the jig making for a perfectly balanced horizontal presentation. And finally, the Ice Worm is readily seen if you use electronics.

Try a variety of jigging motions until you discover the mood of the fish on a particular day. Sometimes all it takes is a little quiver – other times a large looping rising and falling will trigger strikes. I always keep the ice rod in hand for instant hook-sets.

Tipping the Ice Worm with bait is where you can get really creative. Of course, live bait is always an option, but finesse plastics or Berkley PowerBait eliminates the fuss and expense associated with live critters.

The Wedgie Plastics by Custom Jigs and Spins is a good starting point for plastics. The Wedgie is very soft and slender and scented with anise. It measures 1-3/4 inches long and threads on to the Ice Worm perfectly. There are 12 in a pack and come in 9 colors enabling you to “color coordinate” with the Ice Worm or choose a color for a stark contrast.

The best Berkley products I’ve found to use with the Ice Worm are the Berkley Gulp! Maggots and the Power Honey Worm. The Berkley Gulp! Maggots are available in Natural, White, Chartreuse and Pink. One jar will likely last you an entire season! For bluegills, I’ll use the smallest Ice Worm with a single Maggot for a finesse offering. For perch in deeper water, I frequently use the larger Ice Worms and load the hook with as many Maggots that will fit.

The Berkley PowerBait One-Inch Honey Worm also makes a very effective pairing with the Ice Worm. At times I’ll hook it at the end for a whiplash effect when jigging, while other times I’ll hook it in the center. The Honey Worm comes in Natural, Red and Yellow.

Other proven Berkley baits that make good combinations with the Ice Worm are the Power Wigglers and Gulp! Alive! Waxies. FishUSA stocks all 10 colors in each size: 10, 8 and 6. My favorite colors are Chartreuse/Lime, Chartreuse/Orange and Chartreuse Glow.

And don’t pack up your Ice Worms at ice-out! Ice Worms are deadly hanging under a bobber for panfish in open water. Ice Worms are a worthy addition to an ice fisherman’s tackle. I believe it will help you catch more fish.

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