October 6, 2022

The Best Trout Lures of All Time: Introduction

The chances are pretty good that if you or someone you know is an angler, you/they have chased trout at some point in your angling adventures. Trout fishing in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams is one of the most popular means of fishing around the world. Millions of people target trout in some way, shape, or form, and for good reason! Trout in their many species, whether it be Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat, Bull, or any other, are some of the most hard-fighting, numerous, widespread, best eating, and all-around most fun fish to catch on rod and reel. Regardless of your preferred species or type of water you like to fish, what’s tied on the end of your line is the most important aspect of your entire setup. It’s the enticing presentation of something attractive that encourages a fish to strike at whatever-it-is that you are using as a bait or lure.

Of all the ways to catch trout, casting a lure is possibly the most preferred method. There’s just something about casting a lure, letting is sit still for a few seconds, starting to retrieve it, and then feeling that instantaneous slam of an irritated trout hooking into your lure that keeps folks casting long past sunset in an attempt to catch just one more. Couple the strike with the violent bow of your rod as it buckles under the weight of the fish, and you have a recipe for a great time on the water that is hard to beat.

So, what is it about a particular lure that keeps fish coming back time and time again? After all, there’s so many lures available for anglers that it can be hard to know which ones will bring you success. And the truth is that there is a ton of great lures out there that will entice numerous species of trout to strike. But there’s a few lures that have stood the test of time and continue to bring anglers repeated success in their local trout waters; a group of lures considered by many to be among the best trout lures ever made. In this multi-part article, we’ll take a look at the lures you absolutely need to have in your tackle box or fishing vest.

At the risk of sounding like I know everything about the topic, I will say that there were no fancy polls or surveys sent out to folks soliciting recommendations for their favorite trout lures. This list was compiled from a combination of sales data, manufacturer insight, industry leaders, personal use on the water, and the simple fact that folks will repeatedly find these same lures tangled in bushes and tree limbs along their favorite fishing spots. I don’t necessarily consider myself an expert on the topic; I’m just a guy that absolutely loves fishing for trout and helping others to do the same. Argue this list if you’d like (in a civil way, please), and I honestly hope it does stir up some great conversations among anglers from all over, but there’s no denying that these lures are going to catch you trout. That is something you can’t argue. That last point about continually finding these lures tangled in trees might sound silly (and watching that goofball across the creek continue to decorate the Christmas tree with bad casts probably was pretty entertaining!), but when you think about the fact that the same lures keep showing up all over, you should take notice.

Read on for Part 2: Spinners

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