October 5, 2022

Top Walleye Accessories for 2017

By now, your boat probably has all the bells and whistles – everything from rod holders to line counter rods and reels. While you may already have one of the best-rigged boats at the dock, there is always something to add. Here are the top ten accessories to have in your walleye fishing arsenal this season:

Rapala Floating Fish Gripper
When walleye are coming in the boat as fast as you can deploy lines, anglers tend to rush things. This can lead to being hooked or getting cut by the fish. When you use a fish gripper, you have more control over the fish in the net or when picking them up. Rapala Floating Fish Grippers also work great when bleeding fish out because they give you a better angle and more room.

TuneAFishReef Runner Tune-A-Fish Crankbait Tuner
We have all been there – your favorite lure won’t stop catching fish. While this is a fantastic problem to have, eventually this can lead to knocking the lure out-of-tune. A pair of needlenose pliers can typically fix this issue, but Reef Runner Tune-A-Fish Crankbait Tuner will make the task far more simple. This tuner helps line up the eyelet perfectly and makes slight adjustments easy. Once you use this tool a few times, tuning hardbaits will be a breeze.

Bert’s Custom Tackle Tool Holder
If you use a track system on your boat, this accessory is a must-have. The Bert’s Custom Tackle Tool Holder can store pliers, lures, planer board releases and other accessories. It makes an excellent gift for the walleye angler that already has just about everything else.

Amish Outfitter Lure Pads
These pads work great for hanging lures to dry out without having a bunch of hooks exposed around the boat. Amish Outfitter Lure Pads also work great for making your favorite lures readily available and viewable.

Lure catcherDaiwa Lure Catcher
You just snagged a $10 Rapala on the bottom and it was your last one – now it is time to get it back. The Daiwa Lure Catcher is easy to use and gets your lure back almost every time. It’s a tool that pays for itself over time.

P-Line Aluminum Pliers
These are an average priced pair of fishing pliers with higher-than-average quality. P-Line Aluminum Pliers will not rust over time and have carbide cutters for cutting braid, wireline or hooks. They also have a belt loop so you can wear them and know where they are at all times.

Rapala Touch Screen Digital Fish Scales
Your buddy caught what he calls a “10-pounder”. While you know it is a mere 6-8 pound fish, you cannot prove this theory without a scale. Rapala’s Touch Screen Digital Fish Scale is reliable, easy to use and extremely portable – not to mention, accurate!

P-Line 4.5” Micron Split Ring Pliers
There are tons of split ring pliers on the market and these appear to be the simplest to use. When your favorite lure is missing hooks don’t retire it for the day – bring extra hooks and P-Line’s 4.5” Micron Split Ring Pliers to get it back in the water.

lamiglasLamiglas Fish Bonker
While the Lamiglas Fish Bonker is especially popular for salmon and trout fishermen, it works great for any sportfish you plan on keeping. When walleye are coming in the boat quickly and they are out of control, a few bonks to the head will calm them down.

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