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Top Walleye Jigging Baits

Jigging for walleyes has been an effective method since the invention of conventional fishing tackle. Whether it’s jigging live bait or new artificials, the tactic is universally known and is easy to execute. This technique allows an angler to cover water and present baits at multiple depths, without changing much as far as presentation is concerned. Here are 10 walleye jigging baits to try this season.

Rapala Jigging Raps

Rapala Jigging Raps
This bait is by far the most well-known and most productive bait for jigging walleyes across the globe. Rapala Jigging Raps can be jigged fast or slow and, with different twitches of the rod, can give off completely different actions. They come with sharp hooks and can be fished plain or tipped with bait. If you are looking for “old reliable,” this should be your number one.

Heddon Sonar Blade Baits
This bait is not only productive, but it is incredibly fun to fish. When jigged, Heddon Sonar Blade Baits chatter or vibrate and when a fish strikes it is very apparent. While imitating an injured baitfish, it gives off a flash and sound that walleye and other gamefish cannot resist.

B Fish N Tackle AuthentX Moxi Ringie
Paired with B Fish N Tackle H2O Precision Jigs, the AuthentX Moxi Ringie is deadly effective. The tail of this bait moves with the slightest twitch of the rod and its segmented body wiggles and flashes unlike any other soft plastic on the market. Time after time, this bait has been a tournament winner on the walleye circuit and will definitely put more walleye in your box this season.

Venom High Dollar Stinger Bucktail Jigs
This bait is an upgrade to the classic bucktail style jig. The high-quality jighead and excellent color choices make the Stinger Bucktail a home run. While tipping this bait with a nightcrawler or minnow may not be necessary, it will offer an even more enticing presentation.

Johnson Thinfisher Blade Baits
This bait is very similar to the Heddon Sonar, but it comes in different colors and is a little more economical. With high-quality hooks and multiple sizes, Thinfisher Blade Baits are excellent for cold water jigging and covering open water.

Rapala Rippin’ Rap
Over the past few years, this classic bass lure has become a walleye catching machine. Rapala’s Rippin’ Rap has so many advantages compared to most jigging baits. They are heavy, so they can be cast long distances. They give off a ton of sound, so fish can track the bait down. They vibrate, which gives you a better feel for if the bait has picked up any debris or for a quicker indication of a fish strike.

Berkley Powerbait Power Grubs
This bait should be in every box and has been a walleye-jigging staple for decades. With standard colors for any body of water and great tail action, Berkley’s Powerbait Power Grubs are a serious walleye producer.

Sebile Vibrato
While typically considered an ice fishing lure, this bait catches fish in the open water as well. The Vibrato comes in walleye targeted color patterns and has an excellent baitfish profile to entice even the most stubborn walleye.

Reef Runner Cicada
This bait is very similar to the Heddon Sonar and Johnson Thinfisher, but it comes in smaller size options and gives off a little more erratic action. The Cicada, in smaller sizes, works well for pressured fish and comes in some different color options compared to other choices.

Silver Streak Blade Baits
While it might be a newer bait, Silver Streak’s Blade Baits have the best color options to choose from when it comes to targeting walleye. With the different purple, pink and green color varieties, these baits have proven to catch walleye just about anywhere. This is a must have for any angler serious about jigging for walleye.

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