October 5, 2022

Trolling Spoons to Try this Summer

Summer is almost here and fish will be on the move, searching for deeper, cooler water as things warm up even more. When fish move into these deeper waters, techniques and bait choices change. Added flash and color are crucial for attracting fish from far away and spoons are able to do just that. Here are some of the top trolling spoons for particular species to try this summer:

Dreamweaver Super SlimDreamweaver Super Slim Spoons
Dreamweaver Super Slim Spoons work for just about any gamefish you would target because of their unique wounded baitfish action. They also come in a huge selection of colors. Most of the frog patterns or greens and purples with either chrome or copper backs work well for walleye. The top patterns for salmon and steelhead are the FishUSA Custom Dreamweaver Super Slim Spoons in orange, pink or blue patterns..

Silver Streak SpoonSilver Streak Spoons
With Silver Streak Spoons, it all comes down to price and versatility. Many of their spoon colors are good for both walleye and salmon. They also have several different sizes to choose from and an excellent color selection. They are available in a variety of spoon backs including silver, hammered silver, gold and glow.

Michigan Stinger ScorpionMichigan Stinger Spoons
Michigan Stinger Spoons, without a doubt, offer the most unique colors in trolling spoons. They feature UV colors and patterns that reflect light well and can attract fish from far distances. They come in three sizes: Scorpion, Standard and Stingray. Michigan Stinger Spoons are some of the most popular trolling spoons on the market.

Dreamweaver DW SpoonDreamweaver DW Spoons
The Dreamweaver DW Spoons are a staple for charter captains and tournament anglers throughout the Great Lakes. They work hand-in-hand with the Super Slim Spoons and Dreamweaver Magnum Spoons, depending on the size, profile and action of the fish you are targeting.

Dreamweaver WormburnerDreamweaver Wormburners
Dreamweaver Wormburners Spoons are in a class of their own. They are the only spoons designed to be run with a worm. When trolled at slow speeds, they are deadly effective for walleye. With an additional stinger hook, they are sure to hook fish and keep them on.

Moonshine Trolling SpoonMoonshine Trolling Spoons
While Moonshine Trolling Spoons will work for multiple species, there is no secret that they specialize in targeting salmon and trout species. Their spoons, by far, have the largest variety of strong glow colors that trout are attracted to. The glow spoons are also lethal when it comes to fishing at night.

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