September 25, 2022


Definition of trolling:

Referring to fishing under power from a slow moving boat. When trolling, lures are dropped into the water, their movement being controlled by the boat’s speed and the water conditions.

For a boat to actually be trolling, the motor must be turned on, usually the average trolling speed is between .5 and 3 mph. If the motor is not turned on, the boat is drifting, not trolling. Trolling bags can be used to slow down a boat unable to move at 3 mph or less. These bags are deployed off the side of the boat and work like parachutes and weights combined, increasing the water resistance as they open and fill up underwater

Variations of the term trolling:

• Trolling bags
• Troll

How to use trolling in a sentence:

He was trolling at 2 mph when the walleye took the lure.

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