October 5, 2022

Tuning Crankbaits with Captain Ken Nulph

[Video Transcript]

Hi guys, Captain Ken Nulph here from FishUSA. We’re going to teach you how to tune a bait out here, to make sure it’s running straight and increase your odds of getting bit.

Here we’ve just got a standard bandit. We’re going to put it in the water beside the boat. The boat is at trolling speed right now, and if you notice, the lure is leaning, or wanting to run away from the boat. This will cause problems including tangles and not getting bites. So, to fix that, we are going to take the lure out of the water and we are going to take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the eye-tie, right under where the split ring is at, the opposite way the lure was running. So if the lure was running that way (to the left), we are going to bend the eye-tie this way (to the right). We have to find that happy medium, so I am just going to put a little pressure on it, straighten it out and try it again (in the water).

Put it in the water and give it a nice pull. Try one more time, but I think we got it pretty good there.

Straight as an arrow! Now we have tuned this bait and increased our odds of getting fish.

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