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Tying a Steelhead Jig

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Items Needed

Jig Head
Fly Tying Vise
Scissors or Clippers
Krystal Flash
Hard As Hull


  1. Insert the jig head into the vise.
  2. Using a bobbin and starting at the top, wrap the thread around the head of the jig. Continue this down the jig, back wrapping until the bend of the hook. Wrap back up the jig, stopping just before the head.
  3. Using scissors or clippers, cut off the excess thread (do not cut the thread from the bobbin).
  4. Take a small piece of Marabou and place it on top of the jig in the vise.
  5. Using the bobbin, wrap the thread around the Marabou and the jig head to connect and secure the two pieces. You can wrap the thread around as many times as you would like.
  6. Add a few strands of Krystal Flash by first, wrapping it around the tread, and then wrapping the thread around the jig head.
  7. If the Krystal Flash is too long, trim it to the length of the marabou.
  8. Continue wrapping the Krystal Flash and the Marabou tightly to the jig head with the thread.
  9. Use Hard As Hull to secure the thread and other materials together.
  10. To set, wrap the thread a few more times.
  11. Using a basic overhand knot, tie the thread off. Two or three knots should be enough.
  12. Finish the steelhead jig by trimming the thread from the bobbin and placing another dab of Hard As Hull on the line.

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