July 6, 2022

Using Hot Back Spoons in Your Program

HB’s, as we call them, are an abbreviation for Hot Back trolling spoons. A Hot Back spoon is a spoon which has a brightly colored backside – typically bright pink, orange or chartreuse.

Hot Backs can be very productive when targeting steelhead and coho salmon. They also catch walleye, lake trout and other salmon on certain days or under certain conditions. Hot Backs can be “magic” some days and just semi-productive other days, but HB’s are always in the water to start when targeting steelhead and coho in the top 40-foot water column.

I have also found HB’s to be highly productive when fishing stained or murky water. Their hi-visibility colors really stand out in stained water and allow predators to find your offering. Whereas, steelhead and coho, which usually love hot colors regardless of clarity, just want to kill it, especially late fall trout.

I have had productive fish catching days on walleyes and lake trout using Hot Backs spoons as well, but it’s not always a sure thing. I believe the mood of the fish can often dictate whether they want these Hi-Vis spoons on a particular day but when they do, you will know it and will be digging for more.

For years, I kept these as my own little secret, but over time, that secret became news to many. However, many anglers have yet to try or develop confidence in them just yet. For me, I deploy them regularly, especially in the spring and fall when chasing silver fish, then again in dirty water conditions for several species. So, whether your target is green-colored or silver, HB’s are always being deployed in my program at some point.

FishUSA has a full line up of these spoons in small (Dreamweaver WD), medium (Dreamweaver Super Slim) and standard sizes (Dreamweaver regular). Walleyes and spring steelhead really love the WD size. Super Slims go in the water spring, summer and fall while DW’s are deployed mid-summer through fall. We strictly use Slims and Regulars on Lake Ontario and use all 3 sizes throughout the year on Lake Erie in pursuit of walleyes, steelhead and lake trout.

So, next time you are hearing chatter about fish being taken on HB’s, you will understand what they are referring to. And my question to you is whether you will have some in your tackle box or not?

Pete Alex

Erie, PA Captain Pete Alex has run charters out of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for over 30 years. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VisionQuestSportFishing/

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