October 5, 2022

Walleye Fishing with Soft Plastics

FishUSA Pro Staff member Tony Roach is a big fan of fishing with soft plastic baits and jigs when walleye fishing. Fitting the plastic bait properly on the jig head is key to optimum action of the bait. A subtle jigging action on the retrieve is all you need to complete an effective soft plastic approach to walleye fishing.

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Lure: Northland Impulse Paddle Minnows
Hat: FishUSA Richardson Classic Logo Trucker Hat

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Tony Roach

Mille Lacs, MN Tony Roach is part of FishUSA's growing Pro Staff. Tony has fished professionally for over a decade and is one of the most respected fishing guides in the upper Midwest. Roach brings with him much knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the sport of fishing.

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